Getting Help

Need help with Jekyll? Try these resources.


Did you recently upgrade from Jekyll 1 to 2 or from Jekyll 2 to 3? Known breaking changes are listed in the upgrading docs.


Our guide to Jekyll covering installation, writing, customization, deployment, and more.

View source

Learn from the source of others’ Jekyll-powered sites.


Add jekyll to almost any query, and you’ll find just what you need.

Jekyll Talk

Jekyll Talk is our official Discourse forum. Here, users and contributors can ask questions and discuss all aspects of Jekyll.

Jekyll on StackOverflow

StackOverflow is a staple of any developer’s diet. Check out the Jekyll tag on StackOverflow for an answer to your question. Not there? Ask a new question!

Jekyll IRC Channel

Get live support at #jekyll on, the official Jekyll IRC channel.


Search through the issues on the main Jekyll development. Think you’ve found a bug? File a new issue.

@jekyllrb on Twitter

The official Jekyll Twitter account. It’s not checked often, so try the above first.

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